TEDxHUBerlin would like to reflect on the connection between the calculating machine and the emotional human being. Practice shows that the worlds between humans, nature and technology already collide massively. From workflow management tools to AI board members, to an AI-based sustainability revolution or a humanoid love-machine, there are no limits to the future. Every move we make influences future Innovations – maybe even making us part of a living simulation today?


We would like to invite speakers to take a snapshot of this development to reflect on the current state of affairs, to present AI as an innovation accelerator, to take a look at possible threats or to give a creative outlook on how our future can be shaped by Machine Learning, Big Data & Co. After all, not everyone is ready for humanoid spouses, in this case we would like to hear why humans are the next big thing!


Therefore, the team of TEDxHUBerlin happily welcomes submissions from the fields of psychology, humanities, technology, art, culture, science fiction and entertainment. As always, different formats are conceivable: theoretical reflections, commentaries, practical examples, utopias & dystopias, thought games, music or field reports.



Kenza is Senior Manager for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Deutsche Telekom IT. She was born in Morocco, studied Telecommunications Engineering in Spain. A Master in Project Management followed in Germany, then Chinese as a foreign language in China. She has a track record managing big projects, in Hardware and Software development, ICT outsourcing tenders, agile transformations, or rolling out new network architectures for Deutsche Telekom. In December 2018 Kenza was awarded with the Digital Female Leader Award in the category IT/Tech, and in April 2019 with the Engineer Power Women Award from Deutsche Messe, for her engagement and commitment for more Diversity in the IT and AI world.


Nele Lea Uhlemann is an influencer with the passion for software programs and Artificial Intelligence. After her studies in social sciences Nele became aware of how important Systems and Software are for our future. To understand them, she decided to learn how to code. Now she is working for an Open Source Software company as a trainer and technical consultant. In her free time she is sharing this knowledge in young cultural exchange programs.



Anton Pohle is an actor, writer and director. He runs the Berlin-based theater company
„Theater.Macht.Staat“ together with his best friend and co-conspirator Sonja Keßner. He
believes that art is the language a culture uses to talk to itself about itself and that it is. therefore the artist‘s purpose to express whatever is on the horizon of the possible; to
express that which has not yet been expressed. Finding new ways to do that seems ever so urgent; especially in the age of the smart machine and covid-19.



Sebastian Löwe is professor of design management at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany. He co-organized the research conference “Designing with Artificial Intelligence. How to design when Design (Re)-Designs itself – Artificial Intelligence in Design, Interaction and Design Theory”, which took place in September 2020. He teaches, researches, publishes, and consults on the topics of design and machine learning, (machine) co-creation and open innovation, design thinking, digital culture and aesthetic theory.


Armin Berger has been an expert in digital transformation processes for more than 25 years and develops integrated digital strategies and UX solutions for communication-intensive projects with high journalistic demands. As the alliance spokesman for the BMBF's QURATOR research project, Armin Berger, together with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and others, is a driving force behind developments in the field of AI and digital curating. The focus is on the development of editorial tools and services as well as storytelling applications based on artificial intelligence.



Manouchehr Shamsrizi „is among the most publicly prominent voices of Germany’s younger generation” (Washington Post) and „everywhere where the improvement of political conditions still has considerable scope”. He is a co-founder of @gamelab.berlin at the @Humboldt University zu Berlin's Cluster of Excellence and a co-founder of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Values at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, a collaboration with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus which he has initiated. Former Ariane de Rothschild Fellow for Innovative Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge and Global Justice Fellow at Yale University, a Fellow of the German Council on Foreign Relations, and was honoured as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Leader of Tomorrow of the University of St. Gallen, and a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum. Primarily background in political philosophy, holding a Master of Public Policy.


Caroline Lair is the founder of The Good AI, a go-to online resource aiming to help companies, policymakers, scholars and aspiring students harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for good and build responsible technologies.  She’s also the co-founder of Women in AI, an international community of 4000+ members, working toward a gender-inclusive AI.


Dimitri Coelho Mollo is a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the interuniversity Excellence Cluster Science of Intelligence, as well as at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, and at the Institut für Philosophie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He carried out his PhD studies in Philosophy at King's College London and at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His main areas of research are Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Philosophy of Science. He is also interested in Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Biology, and the ethics of current and future use of AI systems. 


Head Organizer & Speaker Curation Manager

As the Head Organizer and Speaker Curation Manager for TEDxHUBerlin, Tina is running this years TEDx event and supports speakers through the TEDxHUBerlin process – from facilitating logistics to helping develop their talks. Tina is currently studying Area Studies at the Humboldt-Universität of Berlin. In her day job, she works at Humboldt-Innovation as a Marketing & PR-Assistant – writes press releases and takes care of the social media channels. Tina is also a Freelance Online Editor at HolidayPirates GmbH, where she is creating and editing travel articles. She is a passionate Traveller and fascinated by contemporary writing & Journalism, Arts, Science and Digital Culture.


Co-organizer - Video Production & Social MeDia

Patrick Buchholz is the world's first Culture Technologist - interdisciplinary strategist based on Cultural Theory & Computer Science. He did his B.A. in American Studies and Media Science at H.U. and is currently doing his M.A. in Media Science.

He is a Strategist and Visionary building on expertise in Media Theory & Philosophy of Technology | Quantum Computing & Information Theory | Media Economics & Cryptocurrency | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Military Media & Media Archeology.


Co-Organizer & Design

David is an ex-musician with more than 300 concerts throughout Europe on his record. All of these concerts were booked and managed by himself, and it was this power-sapping organization that took David's passion for music away. He turned his back on actively engaging with music. Instead, he turned towards working at Radio Fritz Unsigned (rbb) as social media manger (2016–2019) and studying musicology and media studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin – virtually a musician in retirement. He also designed the fundamental concept and idea of the app ”Tour It Yourself“, which allows independent musicians to book concerts on their own and without any knowledge. TED is for him one of the greatest connections between the academic world and entertainment. It is his motivation to show how exciting science and art can be nowadays. Moreover, everyone in our society should get accesses to knowledge, and TED is one of the biggest opportunities to achieve this goal. ”We may not see the future, but they [children] do.“ (Sir Ken Robison)

Event Manger

Poland’s finest export since Pierogi, Vodka and Solidarnosc! / Born and raised in small village nearby Warsaw, Poland.

Came in 2016 to Berlin for bachelor in International Business Management with specialisation in Supply Chan Management, with a stop in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. Plans to continue her studies with a Master’s degree in Berlin. Professional ballroom dancer out of passion.


Technical Manager

Roger Grekos is a Serial-Entrepreneur and Investor with Computer science and programming background, Current founder and CEO of BRCO - BrainStormers Group a multinational VC, business development, and cybersecurity firm Located in Toronto, Canada - Haifa, Israel - London, UK with more than 250 clients include Uber, Stripe, Coinbase, STACK Bank Canada, former team leader at the moonshot factory and a former founder of Chill Telecom Canada and Sirius Plus Ltd, which was acquired by Sony Japan in 2018.


Left Israel at the age of 15 to the UK in 2012, moved to Berlin in 2014, Canada in 2015, visiting the 85 counties in the process and until today.

Event Manager

Shubham comes from New Delhi, India. Enthralled by Economics, he moved to Berlin to pursue his
master’s degree at HU. Has a zeal for life and loves to impart wisdom.



Class 1994, from Florence (It) with love, in Berlin for his PhD in Chemistry at the
HU. Curious, geek and Science lover, he has interest in everything that concerns
nature, life and technology, but also art has a special corner in his heart.
Emanuele sees TED as the connection of peoples and minds, an amazing way to
spread the ideas of great people to inspire other people from any background. In
this era of misinformation, TED is more important than ever. Member of the team
of curators for the TEDxHU Berlin 2020, working to make it unforgettable.


Thuy grew up in Germany and Vietnam, and has lived in Singapore during her studies. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Humboldt University, she worked in finance & accounting at different corporations. Currently, Thuy is pursuing a master’s degree in this field at the Free University of Berlin. In addition to her enthusiasm for technology, she loves traveling and is also fascinated by cultural diversity, languages as well as psychology. For her, TED Talks are an inspiration to spark meaningful conversations which can make a positive impact on other people’s lives.


Social Media

Viet Duc Le is a Content Creator, Editor and Community Manager for Social Media who has been working for local and nationwide newspapers. He works as a freelance writer, content creator, gave several interviews about sneakers to newspapers, trekked for 4 days in the Olympus mountains for his previous job and worked in the digital media section of Frankfurt’s financial centre initiative. Besides that, he is a classically trained pianist and a passionate travel photographer.


Event Management

Leon is a Business Student at Humboldt University. He is originally from Berlin and has also lived abroad in Australia and Italy. Being interested in Finance and Entrepreneurship he has worked in a Startup parallel to his studies for almost two years and is currently doing an internship. He is passionate for sports and enthusiastic about innovative and disruptive ideas and market opportunities and sustainable entrepreneurship. Pursuing a proactive and open minded approach to new experiences, he joined the Team as an Event Manager for TEDxHU Berlin. Always trying to find new challenges and passions he is hoping to make the event a memorable and inspiring experience. 



Sebastian is a 5th semester Economics student at Humboldt University being 21 years old. He was born into a German-Mexican household, grew up in Berlin and has lived abroad in Australia. He is a 3 times national champion in high diving and has played in the 2nd youth division in football as a kid and teenager. Being extremely positive and enthusiastic, he is very interested in topics like international politics, global development and global education. One of his main goals is to enroll in one of the top PhD programs for Economics in the near future. Besides his study he works at the mobile banking startup N26 and as a volunteer in a football project for refugees. Being a constant talker, he joined the Sponsoring-Team hoping to make the TEDxHU 2021 a pleasure to all speakers and guests. 


Nhati is a fun loving and adventurous person who grew up in Berlin and has lived in Los Angeles. She loves to organise, to sing, to dance and to catch sunsets all around the world.  She is currently working as a project assistant and pursues her master‘s degree in Business Communication at HTW Berlin. She believes that Ted Talks connects creative and brilliant minds who want to learn, grow and inspire others.

Event Management